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I work night shift, ive been working this schedule for about 6 months now. When I get home around 730-8am, i am in bed by 830, then what felt like an 8 hour or more sleep turns out to be 31/2-4. I wake up at 12pm the latest, and... Read More

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    Ok, I'm having difficulty sleeping on my nights off. Anyone else having this problem? I am rarely sleepy on my 12 hr night shifts. I am home and in bed by 0800 and sleep until 1600. I use blackout curtains, loud box fan and also keep my eyes closed if I have to make a potty break. I have a terrible time sleeping on my nights off - very fragmented sleep. I've been experimenting with getting up earlier on my 1st day off. For example, I got up at 1500. But fell asleep during a movie with my family that night. Went to bed at 0000 but woke up at 0500! Stayed in bed until 0700 trying desperately to sleep. Got up & went about my day. Took a 2 hr nap that afternoon. Still dozed off while watching tv with the family that night. Went to bed at 0000 & fell fast asleep. But woke up at 0300!!! Toss & turned for about 45 min. Then got up, took a melatonin & read until 0500. Slept until 1000. Heading back to work tonight. Anybody else experiencing this? Any suggestions? I love my job but want to love my life when I'm home. Soooo frustrated!

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    Could you be peri-menopausal? That whole fragmented night sleep was almost the death of me in my early 50s.
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    I have never been able to work night shift. I would suggest to get off the night shift or are you working nights because of babysitting issues? Even second shift would be better than night shift if you cannot tolerate the night hours. I feel for you.
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    @Marycarney. I dont think so. Im 24 years old. LOL!
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    @mom2kidzz I have the same problem! Basically just with my first night off. I've been working 3 twelves for a few months now. I have no issue coming home, going to sleep, and sleeping all the way until I have to wake up for work. On my last day I sleep only about 5 hours, and by midnight I'm tired. Then I can only ever sleep until 2 or 3am? Shouldn't I be super tired and sleep more? It's so frustrating. So I get up for a few hours and usually go back to bed for 4 more hours in the early morning. After this one crazy night I'm usually back on a normal schedule involving normal sleep until the next week. Any ideas of what I can do?
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    Yeah, I have the same problem. Always wake up in the middle of the night on my 1st night off even though I'm exhausted. Sometimes I take one 5mg melatonin & two 25mg benadryls. That does help. If I wake up, I stay in bed & read with a booklight or watch Netflix on my iPhone (using earbuds) so I don't wake my husband.
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    Quote from gloryfied
    I work night shift, ive been working this schedule for about 6 months now. When I get home around 730-8am, i am in bed by 830, then what felt like an 8 hour or more sleep turns out to be 31/2-4. I wake up at 12pm the latest, and I cant go back to sleep, especially when I have to work that night later on.

    I've heard people taking benadryl, sleeping pills and such. Not a big fan of putting medication in my body at all. I rarely even take tylenol for a headache, so i'll hate to have to take benadryl everytime after work, or sleeping pills just to get some sleep, because come around 1am-4am of my shift, I am SLEEPY! To the point of no possible return.

    What do some of you night shifters do to get into a deep sleep, and be well rested enough, besides benadryl(which i may just have to end up getting)-__-
    Some of the coworkers on my floor go to sleep like at 12pm-7pm, but when I get home Im exhausted from the drag between 1am-4am, i miss my bed and just wanna sleep.
    The night shift isn't natural, and don't let anyone make you feel bad for struggling. As nurses, we need to be the best versions of ourselves on all levels. And if we can't take care of ourselves, we can't take care of other people. I wasn't even given the CHANCE to prosper at my first nursing job, because they insisted I do a week of 7am-3:30pm, followed by a week of 7 pm - 11:30 pm, immediately followed by 4 NOC shifts. When I was honest about how I was feeling physically, I was told I wasn't a fit. Peruse the literature and you'll see tons of support for NOT tolerating what doesn't work. The night shift sucks, even though some people can pull it off for a while. I am in my 40s', active, healthy, and vibrant. Even 3 lousy NOC shifts made me sick and crazy. Never again. I'll flip veggie burgers before I'll hurt myself for any job. Having to take drugs to sleep and stay awake makes you into a zombie. Zombies don't make good nurses.
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    My sleep issues got worse and not better. Melatonin and Benadryl stopped working. I tried ambien and still could not get more than 4
    hrs of sleep at a time. Next my dr suggested trazodone. Nope, that didn't work either. I changed jobs. Now working a 2nd shift (2:30-11pm). No more sleep troubles!
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    I love doing the night shift. It's so much less stress than days. Inrecentlynchanged from 8 hours to 12 hours to have more days off. I'm finding thatbitsnhardermto adjust and I'm feeling even more exhausted. I'm actually looking for a more normal schedule like an 8-5 routine. After seeing that I'm being scheduled an extra 2-3 days on weeks where I work on the weekends, I'm not sure i want to be overworked like that. I've found that 1-5pm is where I've always get the most rest, without pills.

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