When do you exercise around work?? When do you exercise around work?? | allnurses

When do you exercise around work??

  1. 0 I just accepted a full time night position on a med surg floor, it is three 12's a week 7p to 7am... For all you other night nurses, when do you work out? Before or after work? Do you skip work outs on work days? I need some advice to keep myself going when I switch to this new schedule!!
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    When it's a sleep day (only 12 hours between shifts) I won't work out, those are my rest days. If I work 2 nights in a row, I'll work out before I go to the first shift, then after the second shift. If I work 3 days, before the first, after the third, none in between.

    But you have to find what works for you. It's different for everyone.
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    nights in a row i dont work out. that might be 4 nights in a row sometimes or more. if i am off i work out 1-2 hrs those nights. just no way i am working out after or before work and getting enough sleep to function
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