Taking ADD medication

  1. Have been on this forum for a few years and have enjoyed much of them diverse wisdom that has come from many of the threads. Now I would like some advise. I have a history of being ADD and thought that I had it under control as an adult, but I'm finding that I may need some help. Did you have any problems getting a job while taking ADD medication? I'm wanting to know what kind of road blocks this will cause during school and on into a career. Did you have to let your school program know that you were taking this kind of medication? Did you have to let your new job know? I hope that if I must go back on medication that I can take the non-stimulant kind.
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  3. by   IdislikeCODEbrowns
    I was prescribed Adderral for the same issues when I got my job almost 6mo ago. I had to take a urine drug test as a part of routine screening and was forewarned that I would most likely test positive for amphetamines. I was not surprised when I got the call from the Medical director or something like that who was informing me of the results. All I had to do was go to the pharmacy where I have been filling my Rx and print out a copy of my account history to show the 'legality' of my Rx for Adderral, etc. The pharmacist signed it and faxed it to this person who called me and that person contacted my hospital that was to be my future employer w/ the results and everything was OK. The employee health nurse who collected my urine had said that she has had several applicants in this same situation so they were used to dealing w/ this issue. No worries, as long as you have a legit Rx for this prescribed med, then when amphetamines show up in your system you have proof as to why.
  4. by   lovedijah
    I agree with the previous poster. As long as you have an rx for it, you're fine. Nothing they can really say or do.
  5. by   damrcngrl95
    Thank you for your replies. I am trying to weigh all options and I have a doctor's appointment on the 15th of August. I think I will talk to her about what has be going on. I have tried to make sure that I stay organized and scheduled, but as more things get piled on I find that I'm becoming a lot less organized and feeling very over whelmed.