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Many people in the nursing community remember either hearing or reading about Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who killed herself in 2012 after being tricked into releasing personal health information by two Australian disc jockeys... Read More

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    Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain

    US: are you in crisis? call 1-800-273-talk or chat
    To those in emotional pain, please see our resources under Psych Nursing:

    Stress, Depression, Suicide and Mental Health Resources
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    I have suffered severe depression since I was 7 years old. In the early 1990's I made 2 very serious attempts (the first one very nearly succeeded). After the 2nd attempt, I did a lot of soul searching & came to the conclusion that it simply was not my time to die, that there must be something more I'm supposed to accomplish here. I decided that if those 2 serious attempts had not worked there's not much point in trying it again. In 2005 I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 & finally found medication that works for me. Every once in a while when things get really tough, the thought that I'd be better off dead still goes through my mind but I no longer feel the need to act on it.

    It IS all about ending whatever pain you are in at the time. I never judge anyone who tells me they've thought about or attempted suicide because I completely understand what brings people to that point.
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    First of all, I might **** some of you but just thought I would comment on this topic. A serious question that you should ask yourself is what would you do if this was you. Career you loved gone, depression, articles about you on the newspaper, maybe lost friends/family or significantly damaged the relationship, some people (few) in the general public that don't know what nursing entails probably out to get you and the list goes on and on and on. Would you REALLY want to leave like this. What would you really do? I asked my friends (nurses and general) and most said they would do the same. I think I would to. I wouldbt want to live with such torment, pain or whatever you may wish to call it. Suicide is not the answer but what would you do. Second, would we (nurses) react differently if the headline read " lesbian nurse gets another job after killing infant." I bet you most of us would recommend her not to be a nurse any more. Just my honest thoughts.
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    Thanks Carrie, I'm still here another day. I will continue to focus on better days.
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    Focus on the positive it's important. Sometimes the posters on here are mean, but I am available if you need support. I have practiced in many setting LTC too. I have been a nurse about 15 years, social worker before that.
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    Great job commuter with bringing out this topic. I can't believe that some people are more interested in finding faults in your writing style rather than understanding or commenting on the positive aspects of your post. Life is about seeing the glass half full, not half empty and although this may be very difficult to do, one must obtain all the support from family and friends to get over such depression. Lovely post and I am sure it will help people who may be in depression.
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    A component of suicide that I rarely see addressed is some deponent persons’ deeply held conviction that they should die, deserve to die, and that the world will be a better place when they die. The burden of this conviction makes most of the things that we say to a suicidal person meaningless. If I do not deserve to live, I also do not deserve to be happy, so I will resist or reject any help aimed at making me feel better.

    I am sorry that I do not have any profound wisdom to offer on this matter, but, my own experience has shown me that this is often unappreciated, or ignored, component of suicidal ideation that deserves discussion. I hope someone will add their perspective on this in order to further that discussion.

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