The Stranger Within: Living With Mental Illness - page 4

The alarm jolts you awake as it does every morning after yet another restless, short night's sleep, throwing your systems into fight-or-flight mode as you groan inwardly: "Oh, lord....not again". Your mind fills with dread in... Read More

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    Thanks so much for this! I struggled all my life, even as a child, with severe major depression. Before I went to college, at the age of 35, I was hospitalized, and requested and received ect's for the unrelenting depression. After that, I began reading books on self help and started to change my whole way of thinking and seeing the world. Also I stay on an anti-depressant at all times. I changed my life and the way I process the world around me, I know others with other forms of disease may not be so easily helped by just applying a different mindset but for me,plus staying on my anti-depressant, I made it through college and nursing school and am now an RN-For about four months now in my first RN medsurge position. My passion is psychiatric nursing because I can connect so well with it and I find the mind so fascinating! Our coping mechanisms are astounding and wouldn't it be awesome if we could find a way to cure mental illness... I am so glad to know that I am not the only one out here that has suffered through and is now conquering such an illness as an RN. I always felt that I had some secret to hide about myself, but no I dont. The board knows about it and received letter from my psychiatrist saying how far I have come. Again, thankyou for this and to all that continue conquering mental illness on a daily basis-keep on keeping on!!
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    This article is eerily parallel to what I experience. Thanks for sharing
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    You are very welcome. It wasn't an easy piece to write, but if it helps even one single reader, it was worth doing.

    And by the way, WELCOME to Allnurses!!! On behalf of the staff, guides, and membership, let me say that we are glad you've joined us, and we hope that your association with us is a long and satisfying one.

    If you're interested in mental health, you may also want to check out the Nurses With Disabilities and Nurses and Recovery forums for more discussions on how nurses cope with depression, bipolar disorder, alcohol and drug addiction, and many other challenging conditions.

    Once again, we welcome you and hope you'll enjoy the site and all it has to offer.


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