soo, is our gait and weight going to be an issue regardless? - page 2

Are nurses really destined to be overweight and walk with a poor gait sometime in time? I mean, if it's not the weight of a nurse, it's their gait. Can we be nurses for years, and still walk as great... Read More

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    Quote from malenurse354
    I don’t think weight or gait could be an issue when practicing nursing! It may still be dependent on how you take care of your health in general, proper body mechanics and etc, though I am actually curious about the occurrence of weight gain and poor gait among nurses! That can be a good subject for research=)!
    I don't think it has anything to do with nursing...I see most women gaining weight after 40..I also gained weight, but the gait problem I don't think is relayed to probably need to do yoga.

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    I work nights in pedi home care. Even doing this job I blew out my back and took 6 months off in y first year of nursing! Home care isn't set up for the nurse, its set up for the patient which makes it difficult to use proper body mechanics. Add a 100+ pound child who is totally immobile in the mix with a 150+ pound wheelchair and you are asking for trouble!

    I have managed to actually lose about 40lbs working nights. In my opinion it's all about having a schedule. I make she to get at least 8 hours sleep, I go to the gym most days and if I can't make it I go for a long walk, I do stretching exercises while watching tv and I plan out my snacks and meals. If you do it that way it's easy to grab something on the run while you chart, etc.

    Due to my back issues I'm waving the white flag early and will likely get my NP to get out of bedside nursing because I refuse to go through another year of agonizing chronic pain and sciatica again, especially because I'm only 29...30 years in a hospital would all but kill me!
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    We're more physically active than most occupations. Have less time to eat than most peeps. So it's puzzling we pork up. Maybe the weight gain comes from "eating our feelings" or binge eating after a long shift?

    In terms of the gait issues, these problems are mostly likely due to osteoarthritis and/or back problems. Weight would contribute to this, as would the wear and tear caused by the physical aspects of our jobs. Also, the fact that it would be hard to get time off to get our joints replaced is probably why nurses just stick with the arthritic joints and stumble around.
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    I had a funny shuffle that started up this year, and persisted for several months. It resolved when I bought a very very comfortable pair of shoes and all a sudden all my leg and foot pain went away.

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