Rabies from a scratch?!

  1. Hey everyone! I am new here (i've been lurking for months lol) and had kind of a wierd question. I was scratched by a stray cat on Sunday when I was in the country. I was feeding him and he got a little playful and grabbed my leg leading to about 5 small puncture wounds that bled a little. They seem to be healing fine...a littlle red still, but I have been putting anit-biotic ointment on for the past few days. In my micro class today, however, we were talking about viruses and rabies came up and kind of freaked me out. I know rabies is transmitted by salivia and I wasn't bit...only scratched. But if the cat licked its paw is it possible for me to get rabies? He did walk across a big field right before he scratched me, so I doubt the salivia would still be on his paws. And anyway i can't really remember him licking his paws...I know that's a weird question but now I am paranoid. Is there anything I need to do? Does this warrant a call to the doctor? Thanks! BTW...I start nursing school in January so hopefully I won't ever have to ask anything this stupid again! lol ;-)
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    this thread is 2 yrs old but i would like to share my experience. our persian cat scratched me on the foot. it was deep and bleeding. i freaked out bec. as far as i know cats can have rabies. i had my tetanus shot and anti rabies vaccine. its better to be on the safer side