Ppd possible positive test

  1. So, I get my test read in a little of 12 hours. It'll be 48 hrs then since injection. However, I do have a bump (about 1cm) and some redness around it. This will be the second ppd injection for the test. I was negative the first time. What caused this? I never had TB growing up and was at a funeral over the weekend for my grandfather. I think I may have gotten a cold from there. Could the cold have affected the test in any way? Can a PPD test show very recent exposure? I am wanting to take the CNA class and I need to be tested negative for tuberculosis. I'm not worried of having the disease, I'm more worried about how much the medication will cost without medical insurance. Help please? Also, could my body have reacted negatively to the second PPD test within two weeks. I thought your body was supposed to develop antibodies within days of exposure to any foreign bacterial protein? Should I be worried here?
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  3. by   Jory
    No one here has seen it and even if you posted a picture, we can't give medical advice.

    I can tell you this...the common cold doesn't cause a PPD to be positive unless you have TB.

    Many people test positive for PPD for various reasons...if you test positive, the standard protocol is that you get a chest x-ray to rule out an active infection...then you go from there.

    The health department is also a resource that you can utilitze if you have no insurance and a NURSE reads the result as positive.
  4. by   WittySarcasm
    I can't say anything for sure and I'm not giving advice, but from speaking from personal history I test positive when I get the PPD. It started when I had to get it 3 times in a month because my job kept loosing/misplacing/whatever the tests, or say that it didn't count because of "insert crazy reason."

    If you test positive they will want a chest x-ray to rule out TB. And then from then on you never get the PPD. I never get one now, but instead get chest x-rays.