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  1. As I prepare for nursing school in the fall, I am also looking at how I can improve my diet, and to not fall into fattening convenience foods. I have read to avoid sugars, fats, things like turkey cold cuts, and so on. Does anyone have tried and true healthy foods and snacks that helped them through? On a side note, I found an interesting recipe on Pinterest that was chick peas soaked in vinegar and a little salt, and then roasted. I am someone that finds it helpful to munch during lectures. Helps me concentrate. So the chick pea thing sounded perfect.
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  3. by   mssjez
    I'm a total believer in cooking a lot and freezing individual portions to reheat when cramped for time. I like cooking things that can be made in larger portions like soup (without any starch), chili, lasagna, stew, etc. and freezing individual meals to make when studying is more valuable than cooking. I'm also big for using veggies as snacks. Things like carrots and celery take more energy to break down than we get in calories from the food. Those paired with hummus are a good snack. I'm also starting in the fall and these are my plans for keeping a healthy diet while being completely encompassed in school. scrubsmag.com is a great website and has quite a few healthy recipes! Good luck. I'd love to hear other suggestion/recipes!
  4. by   ♑ Capricorn ♑
    For snacking, I really enjoy yogurt and fruit and sometimes a smoothie. Trail mix or mixed nuts are really good too. Also, water. I normally have 3-4 bottles of water on my desk at any given time. I chug water when I get hunger pains and that sometimes can satisfy it. Popcorn can be a good snack if you can limit what you put on it (watch the butter & salt). If I want something sweet, I may have one of those Nature Valley's Dark Chocolate & Nut granola bars or fruit. I'm not a big veggie person but when I do eat them its mostly carrot and celery sticks for snacking.
  5. by   MyMystudentRN
    Thank you for this thread!! I am starting in the Fall as well and i always find myself wanting to snack, im doing okay but not good one thing that im starting to do though (even though it can get super expensive at times) is buying lots and lots of fruit and veggies. I've been really into the baby cucumbers and berries. So im trying to get into the swing of eating right before school starts because i know the schedule is going to be hectic and ill have no time to actually cook/pack a home cooked healthy meal. Dont want to do what i did in LVN school (wasted so much money on food )