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Newly Diagnosed

  1. 0 Hey AllNurses Friends -

    I was just recently (yesterday) diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on Levoxyl. Is anyone familar with underactive thyroid/medication issues and willing to share information? If you have it - how do you manage diet, exercise, etc. Also, I just started nursing school and want to avoid gaining additional weight.

    Thanks All!


    **Background: About 4 years ago I started gaining weight, about 50 lbs in 2 years. I was also very, very tired all the time. I went to my doctor several times and he told me that I needed to diet and exercise. I tried explaining that dieting wasn't working and I didn't have the energy to exercise. I was taking naps of 2-3 hours daily. I was also on a couple of medications that cause fatigue. After trying to convince him it was something other than being "fat and lazy" - I went to another doctor. In doing so, I have been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea (use a CPAP now) having respiratory issues 113 times an hour during the study and an underactive thyroid. I hate that some people just assume if you are overweight - that is the problem and not a possible symptom of something else! A long time getting here!
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    Hello, RMBnAZ,

    Here are a couple links about hypothyroidism:

    You need to stay in close contact with your PCP in regards to your concerns; weight gain/loss, diet, medication adjustments, etc.

    Good luck and we wish you a healthier life.