moving, pregnant and a new graduate

  1. Hi, I am about to finish nursing school and take the NCLEX around December. I would like to get to work ASAP, although my husband and I are moving to Birmingham, AL in March and I'm pregnant with a due date of April 5. I have heard that the unspoken rule in nursing is to keep your first job for at least 18 months so that all the money spent on training doesn't go to waste. Should job hunt in January and February or just wait until it gets closer to March or until 2 months after the baby comes? We won't be moving any earlier than March. What am I supposed to do just not work until 6-7 months after I pass the boards!!!!
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  3. by   Marshall1
    Do you currently live in Alabama? If not, the first thing to do after passing your boards is to get an AL license - don't know if they are one of the states that shares could always work part time or PRN or volunteer before moving. I would not mention in the interview you are planning on leaving in 6-7 months or if/when hired tell anyone else.. I think that would shut the door on any potential jobs - things could change and you may not end up moving - life goes other ways sometimes. Also, you have the fact of being pregnant to consider..employers are not suppose to allow that to be a factor when hiring but in the real world, it would play a part..a new employee will need leave w/in 6 months of hire, most likely need schedule changes for appt. then be on maternity leave...they will be asking themselves if you could be on your feet for 12+ hrs? What about needing time off for doctors appt? Any employer will know - whether you tell them or not - that you are expecting - this changes what you can/can't do I would think - like lifting, working w/combative unless you absolutely have to work you could concentrate on the move, the pregnancy and once moved and the baby has arrived, then start applying.
    Good luck