Mononucleosis Questions

  1. Let me start off by saying to the admins that I am in no way asking for an MD's expert medical response here. I am simply asking for a nurses response based on their personal or professional experiences.

    Now, does anyone here have any experience with, or knowledge of, Mono causing asthma exacerbations? If so, what are your experiences?

    Next, I know how to assess for hepatosplenomegaly but if the woman is menstruating, would those two organs be engorged already due to the menstruation?

    Last, has anyone here done any research on the link between EBV/IM and treatments with Acyclovirs? I saw some articles already but wondered if anyone had personally dealt with that topic in any way? If so, what were your findings if you don't mind? Or PM me.
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    I am sorry you are not feeling well......However.......As per the Terms of Service we cannot offer medical advice.....
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