Memory Booster?????????????

  1. Gingko Biloba?

    Speed Reading Program?

    Do these things work?

    My friend and I were wondering what can be done to enhance our memory for school.
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  3. by   sticknurse
    I used memorization techniques i learned from a video at the library. Our minds love a picture, and we remember pictures alot longer than we do words. You will amaze yourself if you check this avenue out. I cut my study time down by half. I swear this works. Here's an example, as you're leaving the house in the morning your sweetie says "Honey, on the way home from work, can you pick up lettuce, tomatoes, napkins, milk, ketchup and bread?" Well, try this. You get into your car, imagine a big head of lettuce bouncing on the hood, with little tomatoes spinning around it too, and they're splashing in the ketchup someone's poured all over the hood, there's bread and napkins stuck in the ketchup and milk pouring down the windshield. It takes very little time to imagine, it's a picture, and believe it or not, when you take school work and connect it to an image, you will retain the information so much longer. It's actually more fun than traditional study methods and I did it with two toddlers, a full time schedule, and made the dean's list so I KNOW it works. Go to the library and get it.
  4. by   akanini
    You have got to tell me what video is this? Name?
  5. by   sticknurse
    It's been a long time, but I checked at my local library and it was titled "memory enhancement" I believe. They can help you find it. I hope this helps. It made a huge difference to me. Also if you want to google "memory enhancement" or "visual memory" you may luck out.
  6. by   deleern
    if it is for class, i used the memory note book there are 2 editions. they cover all the stuff we did in class. i shared them with my classmates and the instructor. i found one e-bay and to get the other edition i found it on they were great to have for review as well.
    "know thy self" you need to do what works for you.... i made "cheat sheet" (i did not use them to cheat) condensing down what was pertinent to me, once i wrote it i remembered it. so i started a 3 ring binder that i kept adding to (still do) i brought it to clinicals. if i researched something and typed it out... i would print it out a put it in there.
    it impressed my clinical instructor, she had me show it to her clinical groups. she suggested every one make one. now i am taking 2 classes because in the fall of 2008 i plan to start the rn to msn program at und. (university of nd, grand forks) best of luck to you…
    going back to school at 45 was an “adventure” i am now 48 and an rn. but i am not going to stop there.

    best of luck