Is it possible to work nights & feel OK?

  1. I am a new RN and have been working nights for five months. I feel tired all the time, basically. I just started working 12 hours shifts two weeks ago and thought that would be better, but I still don't feel great. I am not able to live on night's hours all the time because I have kids and a husband. (assuming that would make it better).

    Does it get any better? Or am I going to need to get a Days position to feel right again? I try to take good care of myself - I exercise and eat right, I don't take anything to sleep or anything like that. It just seems like when I am feeling good again, it's time to go back to work. I usually work two 12's together, off a few days, then two again.

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  3. by   Tweety
    It takes a while to adjust. Make sleep a priority and you'll find something that works for you. The problem is most night shifters don't keep a regular pattern of sleep and wake and never feel right. I worked nights for 13 years and the last 7 of those were 12-hour shifts and I felt tired for 7 years before I had the courage to go to day shift. When I worked five 8's I seemed to get a better pattern of sleeping because I worked 5 days. Working only 3 days threw me way off.

    Good luck!
  4. by   luv2yoga
    Well, I guess that's what I was thinking. Good thing I'm on the waiting list for the day positions.
  5. by   HarleyRose1968
    I work 3 /12's and on my way home I get this weird dazed feeling driving in the sunlight-eww- but I have found a few ways to not get sick or too rundown. I drink lots of sparkling mineral water,vitamins,eat greenapples around 3am and I never work 3 in a row-my body just can't handle it [I have Celiac Disease. Right now the new floor I am on is miserable so I am taking royal jelly tabs for energy and looking for a new job.... one where people respect each other. I know I will find happiness somewhere because I am a good person not evil like them miserable kitty kats....