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I've posted on here before that I struggle with anxiety and depression..currently I use herbal type remedies but unlike many others it seems, I've had little, if any success and think I've reached a point where medication may be... Read More

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    I agree stay where you are at....get your masters. See your PCP and get yourself checked out.. Take care of you.

    ((HUGS)) good luck!
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    That's good I think that your staying where you are.

    I too suffer from depression, and a little anxiety, and would love to work in a boring office right now than my busy and sometimes cut throat ltc facility while I focus on beating this.

    Good luck to you.
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    I'd stay where you are, based purely on the practical cons stated: the time spent driving and the lack of significant pay increase would deter me from taking the new job.

    And boring isn't always a negative thing. You'll be mentally occupied with school- can you use any possible downtime to study and catch up on work at your job?
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