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by Rhi007

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Hey kids. So my pondering is how many of you play a sport/hit the gym before and/or after work? I'm a solid build and only 5'7" so I tend to play basketball during the week and hit the gym for a few hours on the weekends. I... Read More

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    I go to the gym about twice a week. After a 12 hour shift, all I want to do is lay in a horizontal position. But exercise a couple of times a week really helps keep stress levels low.
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    I drank the Koolaid and joined an awesome Crossfit box last September. Being a per diem nurse, I like to pick up evening shifts so sometimes I'll get a WOD in before I head into work or take an Olympic lifting class beforehand. Bad thing about evening shifts is that no Crossfit gym is open when I leave work so I just have to make it up on other days or days off. If I don't feel like leaving home for a workout, I'll program a home workout using things like sandbags, kettlebells, 100 lb punching bags, etc.

    My non-nursing dream is to own my Crossfit box/MMA gym with my husband. At that point, we would go get our Level 1 certs and additional certs through either NASM or NSCA for personal training. Then we can play around with fun equipment while getting a hell of a workout in!

    I've lost 47 lbs and down to 17.7% body fat since starting Crossfit and getting my eating habits in check. It sure is hard to resist when patients bring in See's candy boxes or gummy bears or cookies though!
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    Congratulations on your lifestyle change! Fitness is addictive and wonderful!