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Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of help. Please bear with me. This is a little lengthy. Without going into specifics and telling the whole story (simply because it would be an even longer... Read More

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    Quote from ijuanabhappy
    I have paralyzing anxiety which has caused me to quit a few nursing jobs (I've only been a nurse 3 years), so I totally relate. I am now trying out L&D and feel completely overwhelmed because I never gave any of my hospital jobs a chance... they were just too much. I didn't realize how stressful L&D could be and how much is there to learn. It is overwhelming. This is also causing me depression and I just feel like my nerves are shot and I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I have been having symptoms of dizziness and almost feeling like I am going to faint. I have a prescription for klonopin but I feel that this doesn't leave me as "sharp" as I need to be. Same thing with Neurontin. I just started taking this a few days ago but it makes me feel very dumb! I think I'm going to try an old prescription of Paxil. I'm desperate. Sometimes I question whether I should even be a nurse
    Please don't start or stop any medications without talking to your prescriber first. Best of luck to you!
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    OMG you guys. I was feeling so alone before I read this thread. Long story short, I am at a crisis with my generalized anxiety disorder and felt that I would have to quit nursing and find a minimum wage job. Thanks for all of the honesty and support. Maybe I (and my family who I support alone) will make it after all. Kim
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    I too feel as if I could have written your post, I quit a job last week due to the same anxiety and panic issues, I just didn't go in. I know this is wrong and basically self sabotage, but I literally had a panic attack and could not get myself to leave the house. I am not proud of this as I in the past have been a stable employee of a hospital for 20+ years. I am 48 and have been an RN for 15+ years, I have been on different meds but also stopped going to therapy because of the cost. I know I need to go back and get myself back on track. Thanks for posting, it is so hard to think you are going through something like this alone. I felt that way for along time.
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    Have you thought about mindfulness based stress reduction class?it maybe helpful as it is very useful in other areas as well. We actually offer it where I work for all migrs and is mandatory for residents. Good luck! Anxiety sucks but once it's under control life is so much better!
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    I am so glad to hear I am not alone.
    I too, am in the nursing field and have went through many jobs (and resigned quickly) because of my anxiety.
    Even when I was younger with non-nursing jobs I have done the same. I have been on many different benzo's, SSRI's etc.. And nothing has stopped this viscous cycle I am in. It's involuntary to me it feels, as if it is happening and I cannot control it. Something beyond my understanding. It must be a performance thing for me as well. I am currently unemployed trying to work through therapy and a regimen of medications. Thank you for sharing, I was starting to believe I was internally lazy or something.
    Lots of love,
    Ps. If you find something that works, please let me know!