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I'm applying for UH MEPN program for Fall 2009. Has anyone heard about the program? It's fairly new but I just want to know what I'm getting myself I know overall, nursing school is... Read More

  1. by   hollownurse
    What track did you apply to? I had my interview on March 3rd if that helps you out.
  2. by   erigrl057
    Thank you so much for your reply. My friend got a call on Thursday saying she was accepted to the program and I wasn't too sure if they were finished with their selection of people. I haven't heard any word from they yet so I have been quite nervous. I've been waiting the past two days and I haven't been able to concentrate on anything. Spring Break is next week, which means the UH campuses are all closed so I will be not be able to get in contact with Erik Anderson. Don't worry, I just sent an email to him yesterday asking him if they have finalized their selection, I will not mention any names =) It's good to know that letters will be going out in the next few weeks. I'm not sure if it's letters for those who have not been accepted to the program, but anything helps. At least I would have a definite answer from them so I can make plans for myself from there on. I actually had my interview last week, but I'm not really sure if that makes any difference at all in their selection. Well I will be sure to post of any news. Thanks again for you reply. I appreciate it.
  3. by   hollownurse
    I totally understand and know the feeling of waiting. I am still nervous about a couple schools but I love this program and I can tell you do too so keep your hopes high. Just email Erik and he might be able to tell you something. He's pretty quick in replying.
  4. by   AjBob
    Erigrl (and others waiting)

    I was very stressed and found reasons to call the office, so I think the call was a favor/ "stop calling", lol. He said that letters would go out in a couple weeks for those accepted, so I'm still hoping for you

    I will post when I get the letter, if it would help?

    ps- chem is not a pre req to MEPN, but it is to most micro bio, sorry for the mix up.
  5. by   purlees
    Congratulations to those of you that have been accepted. It'll be a very hardworking year ahead. As a current MEPN student, I encourage you to travel and enjoy your time now. My classmates and I are excited to meet you during the orientation day to give you the MEPN survival 411. For now if you have any questions on books, scrubs, and other burning subjects private me.

    If this year was not for you, I encourage you to continue working hard and you'll find your MEPN star soon. There's always next year!
  6. by   erigrl057
    Hollownurse ,

    Thank you very much for your reply again. I will let you know if i hear any word from Erik. i am not expecting to hear from him in the next week to due spring break and the campus closure so hopefully i can get news soon. =)


    Thanks for the heads up as to the acceptance letters. I would greatly appreciate it you could post when you do receive your letter. I know a few others who have receive a phone call saying they have been accepted so I'm not too sure as to why they are calling and emailing only certain people. If I do hear anything from Erik I'll be sure to post.
  7. by   AjBob
    Purlees, awesome! I'm so glad to hear that our wiser MEPN students are so supportive, it's really Great : ) I know I will have a million burning Qs to come... Like is there a listing or something for nursing students looking for roomates that are nurses too? (Im moving back) Is there a mentoring prog set up? If not would you and your classmates be up for starting one with our class? Where are the classes held, UH main campus? I heard it was some where else?? Any more advice that you wish u had had? What's ur track?

    Mahalo! And see you soon 8D

    Will do!
  8. by   hollownurse
    Yes, I will let you know once I do get paperwork through the mail and what it includes. Cheers
  9. by   wewillsee
    Hey, all, I'm new to the thread. I didn't know there was a thread for this school. Just wanted to let those know that I received my letter today in the mail, and I did not get a phone call or email. So, keep a look out for those letters. I'm all the way out in CA. All that came with the letter was a set of follow up instructions regarding accepting, health forms, housing, etc. Good luck to everyone!
  10. by   erigrl057
    congratulations on getting in!! =) i'm glad you found the MEPN forum..especially since we are all going through the same stress its good to know we have people here to support us. =) i'm hoping to receive a letter of some kind soon, whether if it's getting accepted or not. anything would help! good luck and i hope to hear more good news on here.
  11. by   AjBob
    I'm in CA and my acceptance papers arrived yesterday. The papers hold very little information other then when a statment of intention is due and other paper due dates.

    Hope this is helpful!

  12. by   erigrl057
    Thank you AjBob for the heads up. =)

    Is there anyone else who has gotten an interview but hasn't heard a word from the school yet??
  13. by   hollownurse
    I got some papers in the mail yesterday. I live in the midwest. I got the acceptance letter and some other papers talking about how to make the UHM Portal account and other due dates. Not much to look at yet.