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I'm applying for UH MEPN program for Fall 2009. Has anyone heard about the program? It's fairly new but I just want to know what I'm getting myself I know overall, nursing school is... Read More

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    Hi guys. I'm new to this forum and all the information posted have been extremely helpful. Does anyone know how the waitlist works? Do you know if they have contacted everyone for interview even if they are on the waitlist?
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    So they said we should hear any final decisions within the next two weeks. So I guess it's just a waiting game for many of us who already went for their interviews. good luck everyone! i'd like to hear any updates as to who gets into the program!!
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    Thanks. We'll keep everyone posted.
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    Hey all I just wanted to give a heads up, I got in and was notified via phone....I can't wait to meet you all this year or next! I hope we can carry over this supportive energy.

    Good luck to all, and if this isn't your year don't take it too hard (I know it upsetting), next years apps are soon!!!!!
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    Congrats ajbob...
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    anyone else got contacted via phone about being admitted to the program?
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    congrats AjBob! Do you mind me asking how you did on the prereqs?
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    I got an A inor. chem. and anatomy, B stats, taking phyis. now (will be an A), and taking micro. in summer.

    Hope that's helpful!

    Ps- I got by Bac. at UHM, had a ref. from a nurse and a bio. teacher and volunteer at a hospital.
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    chem was required?
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    I am abroad, so I got an Email that I have also been accepted to the Public Health Nursing program. Very Excited! It's a great program with a fantastic focus. I got all As in the Pre-req except for Anatomy. I will finish up soon but will have As. If any one has questions, just ask. Cheers
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    did you receive your email today? or was it on thurs/fri? thanks.
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    Quote from blahblah56
    chem was required?
    nope chemistry is not required. only anatomy/physiology plus labs, stats, & micro.
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    Hi Eriggirl:

    I got it Thursday night pretty late. It looks like they wrote it at around 6pm or after Hawaii time. I was in contact with Erik Anderson and he may have only been doing me a favor, so I wouldn't get worried yet if you've not been contacted. I explained to him that I have been abroad for 5 months and the mail will go to my Mother's address and takes forever as we are from a very small town (pop 100) in the midwest. I asked if there was any way to know once mailings were sent out so I could sort things out with other schools. So, the Email was from him and it may have been just being nice, though letters I think are going out in the next couple weeks, as he mentioned that in the same Email. So I would just not worry to much as perhaps those with special circumstances are being told a bit early. If you do make any contact, just don't mention anything about me or my post name personally as I don't want to be the one to cause a phone uproar. That would be ugly. Just ask if any news has gone out (or something like that) in a general tone. Thanks
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