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I'm applying for UH MEPN program for Fall 2009. Has anyone heard about the program? It's fairly new but I just want to know what I'm getting myself I know overall, nursing school is... Read More

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    Hollownurse, who'd you get interviewed by? Don't be fooled by my screen name as I made this screen name when I first signed up for and I can't change the screen name until April this year.
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    Quote from AjBob
    DPN, really?... Can you direct me to some sites on the issue, please. Is this nationally or state? Where did you get this info?
    The DNP requirement will be in effect nationally by 2015. Those who are already in the MSN APRN programs will be grandfathered in. So get it while you can! However, if you would like to go for your DNP later as I am going to, you would still need to complete 2 more years after your MSN. Which totals to 4 years of graduate school, nearly the same years as getting a medical degree , but totally different method of training. The thing about this DNP is, the two more years of schooling for those who have an MSN wouldn't be doing more "clinical disease" types of training, but more political, clinical research, health policy type of content.

    The DNP wouldn't necessarily expand scope of practice. In Hawaii, NPs would be allowed to prescribe Schedule II-V narcotics by this year in accordance to the Hawaii BON's adopted formularies. So yes, I would think the MEPN program would be revamped soon to correlate with the future requirements of becoming an APRN by 2015.
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    Quote from hilife808
    Nothing about DNP is official. It's still in the process of work. If it does go into effect (I don't think it will, many people in the profession are against it), everyone who is currently in practice or NP school will be grandfather in. So no worries. One thing at a time folks. 1. Get accepted 2. Survive school (will come with enormous lists) 3. Find a job (light at the end of the tunnel?).

    Switching specialty wise, I heard it was simple as filling out a form w/o any interview or explanation There will always be haters with "MEPN" at any school you attend. Don't listen to the negativity that is created by people you don't know. Some of these people have never worked with MEPN students. It is who you are that makes you a good nurse. MEPN is created for the shortage of nurses, primary care providers (NP), and especially public health nurse.

    Wishing everyone the best of luck.
    The DNP will become official. Some colleges in the US are already offering DNP programs that require more capstone hours. However, there are minimal "diseases and clinical" courses and this bother me, as there are more classes that are about health policy and such. They say the DNP is a clinical practice doctorate? However, I'm still for the DNP as it will give us more of a political uplift and supposedly "collegial status". The reason why many people may be against it is because there aren't that many people who has the knowledge of what a DNP really is and it's entitlement as well as it's purpose and scope of practice issues. Also, calling the APRN by the title of "Doctor" is thought by some people, that physicians own the title which they don't. Physicians own the title MD (Medical Doctor) though.

    As hilife808 said, don't worry about haters. Keep in mind that APRN practice is vastly different from bedside nursing. Such as for NPs, you'll be using medical diagnoses instead of nursing diagnoses for example: Asthma. Instead of "ineffective airway".
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    If you work for the college... I was told I was the top of the pool but gave an aweful interview (death in my bf fam and nervous), what do u think that means? I only applied to HI, so hating the wait!

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    Sorry about your loss of your loved one. From what you said, I wouldn't be able to tell you what it means because it could mean anything actually. If they said you're at the top of the pool, then you would probably have a better chance above others. Although your interview may have "gone bad", the person interviewing you may have thought otherwise. Maybe you did very well or could have done it differently. Now that you're done with the interview, it's a matter of waiting for the results. Do a logical punnett square!

    Be prepared as from this Fall 2010, there will be huge changes to the curriculums as many of you may know. Also, Webster Hall will turn into a simulated hospital! I would have to say WOW. We would have the one and only best simulation environment for clinical training soon and hopefully it'll be done by 2011.
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    What's that?
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    Quote from AjBob
    What's that?
    It's a prediction tool used in genetics to predict a particular genotype outcome: autosomal dominant or recessive. Sorry, maybe a bad tool to use to predict your acceptance? Just thought it could possibly be used for other purposes . Otherwise just use a simple accepted/not accepted table tool. I also need work with using analogies
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    Hey, guys I was wondering if all your science classes have to be completed by the time you submit your application or can you have 1 or 2 in progress. I really want to apply for the 2011 cycle but I still need to take ochem and dont want to wait another year.
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    You can still have them in progress...check the Admissions website too for more info.
    Organic Chemistry isn't a pre-requisite currently. Though I am sure it will be helpful!
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    Yes, I'm still taking two courses for this year and I was just interviewed last week. As long as you are taking them, then that is good before the start of the academic semester.
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    Ochem is currently not a prereq for the master's program. yes, you can have some courses in progress when you submit your application as long as it is completed by the first summer session of the summer before you start the program. but, i would contact the admissions office, as they may change the application process for next fall 2011.
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    For those who recently had their interview, did they mention anything as to when we will hear back from them for any final decisions?
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    I heard beginning of April...possibly end of March.