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Is there anyone else that applied for the BSN program for Spring 2013? It feels like it's been forever since I applied, I can't wait to find out!... Read More

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    What type of envelope did the letters come in? I'm so anxious! I should call them

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    It was standard envelope. The letter was dated Nov 1st, but they sent it out Nov 8th.
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    No more waiting! Got my acceptance letter! See u guys soon
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    I got my acceptance letter! They accepted 56 people for this semester. @Rome808, I had gone to an informational session and the advisor had said that if you graduate from KCC's nursing school, you are automatically accepted into the bridge program. There are not jobs that are currently available for nursing graduates that do not have experience. If you went to KCC, you would be afforded the oppurtunity to volunteer as a licensed nurse during the RN-BSN transition so that you do have experience already available.
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    Whoohooo! Do you guys know anything about the teachers that are teaching next semester? I don't know who to take!
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    Congratulations to all those who got in this semester. Still can't believe I didn't get in . I thought my stats were enough to get me in with a pre-req gpa:3.75 cum gpa:3.6 nln%: 97. I've heard of people getting in with stats that were lower than mines. I guess it all depends on the pool you apply with.
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    Don't give up SupremeM3! I didn't get in my first time, just keep trying. Btw, did u finish all your prereq's when u applied? I heard that matters.

    @Nikidesu: I heard from a friend that's in nursing school now that Tari-Sanchez (don't know if she's teaching this semester tho) and Hodges are the best. She said majority are new. Did u guys send in your forms yet?
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    Congrats to all that got accepted.@mkdickey thanks for the info. Still undecided but leaning more towards manoa.
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    I am very excited and also very nervous because I have a 15month old baby to take care. Is there anyone who has kids?
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    Thanks hcs808! Only Hodges from the two you mentioned is teaching next semester. I turned in my form already . They told me we should be getting an email from them the next couple weeks.

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