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Is there anyone else that applied for the BSN program for Spring 2013? It feels like it's been forever since I applied, I can't wait to find out!... Read More

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    Thanks for the info! I called the admissions office, and they said that they are waiting on the school of nursing's decision before they send me anything. I am applying as a second bachelor's degree student, so I guess that I'm not admitted unless I'm admitted into the nursing program. I applied to both UHM and the school of nursing at the same time, around the beginning of August.
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    I just wanna know already -__-
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    Any news yet?
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    nothing yet for me...
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    @Rome808: You already got your letter from KCC?? Do they even send out rejection letters? I got nothing from them yet....
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    I recieved it last week. The letter was dated 10/15/12. Im pretty sure they send out rejection letters. It would be messed up if they didnt. Good luck!!
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    @Rome808: what the...i really didn't get any mail from them!!!
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    You should get it soon if anything because the acceptance confirmation deadline is on october 29.
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    Ahh never mind i got the rejection letter from today's mail I knew this would happen since i was short 3% for the minimum ATI score requirement. What was your ATI score Rome808 if you don't mind sharing? Still keeping my fingers crossed for UH manoa >_<
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    i got 86% overall, 99 percentile.
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    Can everyone please post message here when you get your acceptance letter from UH?
    I was placed in alternative list for KCC. And I am waiting to hear from UH now.
    My first choice is UH, so I really hope I can get in UH.
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    Does anyone know if the acceptance letter comes in a standard size envelope or a big envelope?
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    It comes in a Manila envelope. Did anyone receive anything from UH?

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