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Hi, I am a current UH manoa student. I applied for fall 2013 nursing program with my 4.0 pGPA, 3.9 cGPA , and nln exam score. I got 57 percentile on my verbal, 99 percentile on math, and 68 percentile on science. Is it... Read More

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    one of my friend said that his academic STAR changed to nursing. mines didn't change yet, anybody else?
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    I just checked mine and I can say for sure that my STAR report looks different! I am a transfer from KCC so my report is not complete like established students, but it does say that my Fall 2013 term is "Manoa Undergraduate Nurs & Dent Hyg BS/NURS (primary) Fall 2013"
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    My status changed too! I am a student at UH Manoa and my STAR went from "Manoa Undergraduate Arts & Sci BA/PNUR" to "Manoa Undergraduate Nurs & Dent Hyg BS/NURS (primary) Fall 2013" =) I called the nursing office and they said that since my status changed it indicates acceptance into the program. They also said offical letters were being mailed out this week!
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    dam, my stuff didn't change yet. i called in to ask if i'm not accepted if my STAR never changed. but the lady said that STAR isn't that accurate and i should just wait for the letter. THE SUSPENSE, i'm planning my backup classes for next semester just in case. congrats to you though!
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    My status changed
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    My STAR status changed as well (: It changed on Thursday!
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    Wassup amandadb! Got my letter this morning
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    got the white envelope letter again...BUT its the alternate list. is there a lot of people that declines? or should i start summer school to replace one of my class.
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    White? If you get in, what color is the envelope?
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    you get the giant brown envelope from what i hear. rejection and waitlist is the white mail