UH Manoa Fall 2017 - page 5

Anyone else applied to UH Manoa's Fall 2017 BSN Program? I haven't seen any posts on allnurses from other applicants. If you did, I wish all of us good luck! :) Does anyone know when we'll start... Read More

  1. by   sw88
    Hi @mermaidnurse1 I got in and will be starting in the Fall!

    don't remember my TEAS score's exactly. but its important that you simply pass the teas, focus on your gpa!
  2. by   sw88
    hey @blissedout
    did you register and get your scrubs and such already?
  3. by   Future808RN
    Congratulations to all of you that were accepted! I will be applying for Fall 2018. Do you mind posting your GPAs and TEAS scores upon application? I'm wondering if my GPA is high enough.
  4. by   mermaidnurse1
    Do you know how they tell people if they got in from the alternate list? Is it a letter or a phone call/email?
  5. by   Mehlahnee
    Hi y'all! I got in when I was put on the alternative list in fall 2014. My cGPA was 3.4 and my pGPA was 3.7. I got an email of my acceptance