UH Manoa Fall 2017 - page 3

Anyone else applied to UH Manoa's Fall 2017 BSN Program? I haven't seen any posts on allnurses from other applicants. If you did, I wish all of us good luck! :) Does anyone know when we'll start... Read More

  1. by   Hannah4619
    Sorry for startling everyone with my message! Whoops! Hopefully we all get in!
  2. by   hopeful96
    Mail just arrived, nothing from Nursing. Did anyone get anything? Can I safely assume and rest again until Monday? LOL
  3. by   Itaita
    Lol right?!
    I think they will probably send the letters like on Thursday/Friday next week... right before spring break so we'll get them at the end of the month lol.... this wait is driving me nuts!! I just want to know already!!! -_-
  4. by   hopeful96
    So basically we'll be either partying and ecstatic or depressed LOL good luck everyone!!!
  5. by   Itaita
    Has anyone heard anything yet?!?!
    I heard some people started getting emails letting them know they got accepted! I haven't gotten anything though
  6. by   hopeful96
    I certainly haven't... omg I'm getting scared again. When did those people get emailed?
  7. by   Itaita
    They said they received them last Friday
  8. by   hopeful96
    OMGGGGG I'm spazzing so bad rn freaking ouuutttt
  9. by   blissedout
    Hey guys, any updates?
  10. by   mxm80
    Hey guys! I just got the decision letter in the mail today!
  11. by   blissedout
    mxm80, did you get in?
  12. by   sw88
    hey guys! i also applied as well and have received an email stating that I have been recommended for admission to the program! however i still haven't received an official letter. has anyone gotten a letter yet?
  13. by   spyw
    Hi everybody! I also applied for the fall but I haven't heard anything yet. Has anyone applied for any of the other schools like KCC or HPU?