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I'm moving to hawaii in several months with my boyfriend (he is from hawaii and is homesick, poor thing) and I am contemplating returning to the floor. However, it has been difficult for me to forget my horrible experience as a... Read More

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    Quote from prmenrs
    I absolutely respect your opinion, Windward. A refresher course would'nt hurt, that's for sure. I'd have to take one, too, if I ever wanted to take care of an adult again. Fortunately for the adults, I don't!

    I admire the OP for wanting to be a well-rounded nurse, I just wanted to point out that she has some options, given the experience she does have.

    In any case, best wishes!!
    I admire her too and I think she has a lot to offer, whatever path she chooses.

    I second the "best wishes" sentiment!
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    Quote from WindwardOahuRN
    I admire her too and I think she has a lot to offer, whatever path she chooses.

    I second the "best wishes" sentiment!
    Well, I've spent some time checking out refresher courses. They run approx 3K! I've also spoken 4 nurses who have taken these, one in particular who has been out for 20 years or so and he felt it wasn't helpful. Another nurse co-worker made similar comments about it. I've decided to put the $3K toward graduate school instead. I realized I am fooling myself by trying to talk myself into giving bedside another chance. And i don't like the thought of starting at ground 0 in terms of bed skills because I still practice nursing but in different area. There is a reason floor nursing didn't work and I should listen to my calling, which I strongly feel, is and has been NP work. That is why I went to RN school to begin with. Reserach nursing has been great but it's time to pursue my goal. I am going to go for it and apply for fall 08! I've been thinking about this for the past 4 years and it is time to go for it. As for a job in the meantime when I move to Hawaii, something will come along. It always works out...

    Thanks for your suggestions! I explored them and I know now what I need to do....

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