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Yay my application was just sent for Fall 2012 to KCC and UH. Now I gotta wait about 3-4 months to see if I get accepted/waitlisted/rejected. Hmmm. Anyone else in this forum in the same boat?... Read More

  1. by   helloheather13
    should be soon! starting to get nervous!!
  2. by   rockinitfreshawaii
    any word anyone?
  3. by   NeekoDango
    Not yet! >_< *counting down the days*
  4. by   helloheather13
    mee too!! I hope they don't make us to much longer...
  5. by   rockinitfreshawaii
    Maybe we'll get it at the end of March/Early April? I'm getting antsy
  6. by   NeekoDango
    I did get mine like October 29 or something like that last time
  7. by   helloheather13
    when was the deadline Neeko?
  8. by   NeekoDango
    Either August 2nd or September 2nd.. Pretty sure it was august 2nd though
  9. by   Kell3
    Hey did anyone try checking their registration staus to see if it changed? I read from other posts that their registration status changed before they got their letters.
  10. by   NeekoDango
    I think it only changes for those who are already @ Manoa, so if you're at a CC campus, then you won't see a change in registration status.
  11. by   rishck
    I've been checking my registration status regularly and as of right now, Fall 2012 registration status isn't available to students yet. Hoping for the best for all of us!
  12. by   helloheather13
    i got accepted at uh!!! and alternate at kcc, both my letters came today!!
  13. by   rockinitfreshawaii

    I didn't get into KCC. So bummed. I'm just waiting on UH now. Hope I find out soon. :/
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