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Study Tips for Passing NCLEX

  1. 0 Hi...

    I'm new to the forum and wanted some help in studying for the NCLEX. Graduated in January and took the NCLEX twice and didn't pass...I'd like to get some feedback on the best way to study for the test, considering my way didnt seem to help...

    I studied from the Saunders Review book and I also had the Kaplan...

    I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction...

    Thanks for your help...
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    you might get a bit more help if you post in the NCLEX forum instead of the hawaii forums.
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    sorry to hear you've been having trouble. i too had a tough time and had to take my nclex twice. the first time i just studied out of a kaplan and a saunders book, which obviously didn't work too well. then i stepped it up and purchased the online complete course review from kaplan. if you plug it into asearch engine it'll pop up. The course gave me a comprehensive book, online class review totalling some odd 30hours, a question bank for practicing and several tests to help indicate if you're ready or not. It cost a pretty penny...almost $500 but i think that the online reviews and question trainers helped a ton. it'll take you step by step through the process of answering each ?. once you purchase it, you have 3 months of unlimited access. I also know a handful of other nurses who have used the kaplan review and found it extremely helpful. GOOD LUCK!!!