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Roll-call: UH nursing students

  1. 0 Just wondering if there are any UH students in here...
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    Hi I am from Hawaii!! ^^
    My name is Shana. I currently attend UHM and am very interested in nursing, however, competition for admissions is pretty darn tuff. I am trying to explore other efficient options. As for now it seems that I will end up attending kcc as a senior, (how sad )
    I am totally new to these kinds of online things... are u already in the nursing program already??
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    sent you a pm
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    wow, is there anyone at UHM besides us two??? maybe I should do a roll-call for KCC and HPU too...anyone?
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    I'm at KCC doing my prereqs. Planning to transfer to an Accelerated BSN on the Mainland because I already have my BA. Have grave doubts about HPU's program, 3 years is too long for me at UHM and even the counseler at KCC told me I should get my BSN.

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