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  1. Hello...! My family and I are planning to move to Oahu in about 18 months and I'm starting to look around for a job. I'm currently working with neonates at the nursery and that's where all my experience is. What are the hospitals in the island that have labor & delivery? How do I even start to look for a job from so far away? (We live in KY) ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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  3. by   uscgtrucker
    Aloha Mb, here a link to a list of facilities on the islands I found when we were researching moving to HI.


    also it might do you some good to read the thread titled "island fever" if you havent already, lots of helpful info there as well as to the state of nursing from a couple of the people that already live there
  4. by   iloveleeks
    I worked there as a travel nurse two times. Tripler Army Medical Center has L&D and a NICU. To work there, you must be military or get a job as a civilian nurse. I was there years ago and most of the nurses in L&D/NICU weren't military as they were getting away from training military nurses in these disciplines.

    The other big option is Kapiolani Women's and Childrens. I worked there as bank staff. They have L&D and a level 2 and level 3 (joined) nursery. They let me work in just the level 2, but they preferred that their nurses worked both levels (training provided). This is the specialist hospital on the island. Kapiolani is always advertising for neonates.

    Queens Medical Center is the other biggie. But...they are apparently hard to get in to because people rarely leave their jobs there. They have L&D and I believe a level 2 nursery.