Moving back to Oahu, what's the current hourly rate?

  1. I have been away from oahu for about 3 years now. I had to move away from oahu because i couldnt find a job after graduating nursing school. Since i have lived in the mainland for 3 years i have gained 3 years of critical care nursing experience at a truma center in the ER.

    I really miss oahu and want to move back but i am worried that i will take a big pay cut. however, although i know i will take a big pay cut. i am ready to take the cut because i rather live back on oahu then on the mainland.

    so for you nurses who are currently working on oahu as nurses, i have a serious and personal question for you...

    how much do you earn per hour? If you dont mind when answering, please state the hospital you are working for.

    and for night differential how much per hour do you earn?

    also anyone know if oahu schools are still participating in furlough fridays?
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    Watch out for Queens. busy hospital/good for experience but very political and erratic vindictive management (?still angry @ RN's for striking 7 years ago?). Ok pay rates... you are looking @ 38-48/hr depending on experience and diffs are about 3.00-4.00 for nights. don't know where you're coming from but your pay cut shouldn't be too bad. Agency pays less than most hospitals but there are several hospitals that are having $$ problems. If you went to school you here you know who they are.
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    Oh by the way Furlough Fri's is done over here. Generally veiwed as a big mistake (test scores went up tho).
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    I tried to send you a direct message but since I am new to this board it would not give me access to private messaging. I just read your original post from 2003 and I am in the same exact situation you were in back then. I’m a 28 year old accountant with 5 years experience; sits in front of the computer all day and feeling unfulfilled. I have my undergrad degree in Accounting but I’ve been thinking about getting my accelerated BSN. I wanted to find out if this was the right career move for you. Are you enjoying nursing? Thank you so much for any information/feedback.