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  1. Hi I am starting the interview process for the Manoa Senior Care in Honolulu, HI. I was wondering if anyone has ever worked there before and what they thought? I read that there is a high staff turn-over rating.
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  3. by   dari98
    I'm interested in Manoa Senior Care too. Did you get the job?
  4. by   wbdtrt
    I strongly encourage you not to accept a position at Manoa Senior Care. I've known many a nurse to just leave in the middle of the night. We called them the "fly by night nurses!" Too much is expected of you. You will be awakened at any and all hours of the night while on call.

    If you are stuck with a crazy house mate your time there will be miserable. Although you are offered a car for your own use when available, it is NOT always available.
    Your pay is humiliating. After your first paycheck, which includes the sign-on bonus, you can barely live off of what you make. If you have any financial obligations at home, you will not be able to survive off of what you make. Basically you are working overtime hours and NOT getting paid for them but the CNA's get overtime. Your salary breaks down to being the same as the CNA's but your responsibilities are far greater than theirs.

    Some of the CNA's run the houses and the nurse is treated like crap! The nurse ONLY gets a half hour break during her 12 hour shift while the CNA gets an hour break during her 8 hour shift!!! Some of the CNA's will tattle on you for ridiculous things.
    The lure of Hawaii is what attracts most nurses and while Hawaii is a wonderful place to live, the job trade off is NOT worth it.

    I strongly encourageyou NOT to accept these positions. If for some reason you do, make sure you always have money to leave and if you want to leave just GO, get yourself out of there!

    Good luck
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