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LPN to RN programs in HI

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    Quote from MovingtoHI
    Where can I get info about LPN to RN programs in HI? I have searched but mostly find only BSN programs. I don't quite have that much time right now.
    Check out the distance learning thread and read up on Excelsior College.

    You would have to come to the continent for your clinical exam after you finished your studies, but you can study at will, on your own schedule, and sandwish studying around your life instead of the other way around.

    You can also check out www.excelsior.edu, and PM those of us who post about Excelsior. Most of us are happy to help a prospective Excelsior student! (Probably we all are, but I am generally wary of absolutes.)

    Feel free to PM or email me if you like--I don't know about all distance programs, but I did get my degree from Excelsior and it's very doable.
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