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  1. Hi! I'm new to the website.. I've come across a lot of great information so far..

    Had a few questions..
    Does anybody know which hospitals on Oahu are doing New Grad Programs? I graduate in May 2009.

    Also, I hear from fellow students that it takes a while for you to get your license. I ask how long is "a while". Many reply "a month or so". On the website, the Queen's new grad program wants you to get your license exactly 2 weeks before start date, but you aren't sure when you'll be getting your license.. how will this work out? What are your experiences? Also if I plan to take the Kaplan course, how long is that course?
    Or do you have a sample timeline? example: "graduate in may.. kaplan lasts for ____ weeks. take NCLEX . results. license comes in the mail in ___ weeks". something like that?

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  3. by   jerrycRN
    first of all just wanted to say congrats on almost graduating..secondly, its tough for new grads to get jobs in hawaii..from what I heard there are still new grads from a year ago who have a hard time finding work in a hospital...but good luck on your search...
  4. by   mzjennx
    Ya tough for new graduates. I went to the job fair last week and most facilities told me to work in the acute care setting first and you may have to start off as a ward clerk or nurse aide. The only two facilities that do new-graduate programs in Oahu, Hawaii are Queens and Hawaii Pacific Health (Women & Children, Pali Momi, Straub). Home care and long term prefer one year of acute care. Good luck.
  5. by   suzanne in hawaii
    Hi- Are you coming from the mainland?
  6. by   brem86
    suzanne in hawaii,
    I am from Oahu and go to nursing school here.
    Some teachers are telling us to go to the mainland because Oahu hospitals won't pay for new grad training.
    getting nervous,
  7. by   jerrycRN
    yea..gonna have to agree with your teachers..for several months i've been tryin to find a job as a nurse in hawaii from hospitals to nursing homes to even home health...i did a couple of flu clinics..then made the difficult decision to move to the mainland...within two weeks I was fortunate to get into a new grad program...my advice is go elsewhere..fulfill your commitment (at least a year)..then move to hawaii..good luck...
  8. by   mzlily83
    Hello, I am in the same situation. I graduated in Dec,2008 with my BSN and moved to Hawaii 3 weeks later because of my husband being in the military. I took Kaplan in Florida for a week, our school paid it for us. I applied for the NCLEX in Hawaii and got my ATT within a week. After I took my test it took 48 hours for Pearson vue to post the early results for which you pay 8 dollars if you want to see them. I then got my letter from the board of nursing the next day saying that I had "officially passed". Then a week later I got another letter asking for payment of fees. So the process is quick the problem is getting a job as a new graduate I'm still job hunting myself. Queens says they have a new grad program but there are currently no positions available. Hawaii pacific health also offers a program but they are currently no open slots. I spoke with a recruiter and they said that they are currently seeking nurses with at least 2 years of experience. I have emailed a recruiter for Tripler about new grad program, they said they have but only for BSN nurses, which I am and so I gave them my resume and did all that paperwork they require and I still haven't heard from them at all. This Island is only so big and I feel like I am going to run out of places to apply.
  9. by   oadewoye
    Have u tried st francis,kapiolani,kaiser,castle,kahi mohala,hawaiian state hosp...u need to get in touch with all the hospital ...u never know.

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