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Hi, if anyone can help me out on breaking down the avg costs of living in the HNL area are I would greatly appreciate it. I will be living on 2 RN salaries w/ no kids/pets in a 1-bed apt downtown. ... Read More

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    Although we are getting slightly off topic...

    I do realize what hospitals were offering... I was present at my hospital's last contract negotiations. But I also witnessed the ineptitude of our union at the same time.

    My sentiments were not towards unionization in general... just ours. =)

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    Just went food shopping today. 16 oz strawberries. $5.00 at the farmer's market. It's more expensive at the supermarket. But... stuff from the supermarket often tastes.... yucky! No flavor. Goes bad quickly.

    We live in an 800 sq foot condo. that's a 20ft x 40 ft box. Not in the best or worst area of Maui, in average area of Maui. $1300/month rent. Includes water & trash. Our landlord takes our $ 1300, pays $ 400 to the homeowner's association, then pays $900 towards his mortgage. Yep, $ 400 to the association, to pay insurance, landscapers, to keep it pretty, and to send out notices of violation.

    Electric bill $ 105 (each month) for 3 months in winter -- $ 125 for 6 months -- $ 150 for 3 months, middle of summer

    basic cable + internet + home telephone (all long distance free) $ 115/month. I just looked at the bill.
    Verizon cell phone, 300 minutes/mo + free nights after 9pm + free week-ends. $ 45/month.

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