Life Care Centers in Hawaii

  1. Do you any of you local posters have any experience or stories of Life Care Center in Honolulu, Kona, or Hilo?

    I am thinking of submitting my application at one of the above.


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  3. by   lpncal
    I worked at Lifecare in Kona. When I started there in Feb 07, it was a well run facility that showed great love and care for their clients. Since that time, a new ED has taken over and (from what I hear) it is bogged down in so much paperwork and tedious rountine that it drives the CNA's and nurses batty. There are still a LOT of great people there, however. If you do apply, I'm sure you will find it a welcoming atmosphere from your fellow employees.
  4. by   Stevie Boy
    The Life Care Center In Hilo was a great experience but that was back in 1994

    Kau Kau Eating

    Pau Finished or Done

    No more nothings Comfort Measures

    Remember these patients are in a setting where they have been for extended periods of time

    Titrating doses of medications with Full Sets of VSS will Drive You crazy and make your patients wonder who the new nurse is after the 50th client

    Take the treatment Cart with you and make friends with the CNA's They will save your akole if you are new to Hawai'i

    Learn you are my sunshine my only sunshine it will calm your patients down