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I was just accepted to HPU for either their nursing or pre-nursing program to finish a few pre-reqs before starting the nursing program. Does anyone know how this works or have any recommendations... Read More

  1. by   sdp19
    Hi everyone. I am an HPU nursing student. I have heard all the bad talk about HPU. I am here to explain things. The school no longer requires you to take 2 years of pre-req classes before entering the nursing program. I came from a community college here in Hawaii and only needed to take a couple more classes before getting in. Second, NOT EVERYONE GETS INTO HPU'S NURSING PROGRAM. There are more than 300 students that apply. Only 100 or less students get in. It's definitely easier to get into compared to UH since UH only accepts 50-60 students. HPU has changed the C grade thing. Students usually need a C or 70% to advance to the next level. But HPU has made it a rule that students have to pass with a 73% or higher to excel. The professors are great and helpful. When it comes to the cost, many of my classmates have financial aid. People think that only the dumb, rich kids get into HPU but that's not true. I've taken nursing classes at UH Manoa before. So I know how it looks like. HPU is filled with many intelligent people, and some of them have to work, or get financial aid and student loans to make it. I can tell you that it's worth it... I know people in Manoa' nursing program and they have told me that the teachers aren't so pleasant and that the nursing program is all about politics and teachers not listening to students complaints. No school is perfect.
  2. by   sdp19
    Oh , and one more thing. More than 50% of nursing students that are in HPU are from the mainland or different places. I know of some students that went to HPU because they couldn't get into UH Manoa. But not all. The students that came from the mainland and other places chose HPU because they wated to, not because they were forced to.
  3. by   josiah0814
    Just wanted to add my two cents. I had a great experience at HPU. Growing up on the windward side of Oahu made going to HPU, ideal. I did transfer after completing two years at UH-Hilo. It took me two semesters to get caught up with per-req's before entering the "Nursing Program." I graduated after another four semesters. I found most advisors and professors helpful and enjoyed the selection of clinical options. I am now working in home health and enjoy what I do.