How long does it take to get a Hawaii RN license?

  1. I am a new grad in CA, licensed in california in August. I have two questions actually, how long would it take to get licensed in HI (someone told me it takes like a year to get a HI license!) and also, is there any hope of a new grad getting a job in Hawaii? Does anyone know of any hospitals that will hire new grads?

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  3. by   gazeyball
    I'm an RN in WA and I just applied for a HI RN license last week since I'll be moving there. One of my friends I went to nursing school with who now works in FL said it took her about 3-4 weeks to get her FL RN license so hopefully it should take about the same. I'll let you know how long it takes me!

    As far as hiring new grads, it doesn't sound too hopeful right now from what I've been hearing from friends there and on forums. But you'll never know unless you try. Good luck!
  4. by   rad sugar
    i'm a new grad out here in hawaii. i graduated from school in FL, then moved out here and took my NCLEX in hawaii.

    i sent off the check and paperwork to get my license over a week ago, and i haven't gotten anything back yet. (i passed my NCLEX, so i sent them back the license paperwork they mailed me with my report that i had passed).

    as far as new grad jobs go... if you hear of anything let me know! i've been looking for months and keep coming up with nothing. there seems to be a lot of home health jobs here, but i'm not sure how keen they are to hire new grads.

    some of my friends with experience are having a really hard time finding jobs out here now.
  5. by   janice_c67
    I have been looking for jobs for 7 months, and nothing. I have been working in the same hospital for almost 14 years and know lots and lots of nurses and admin staff and they just aren't hiring new grads . I have been looking out of state but still nothing is turning up. What can I say, it's so discouraging right now, I can't imagine ever getting an offer
  6. by   gazeyball
    It's been 3 weeks since I sent off my paperwork for a HI RN license now and still nothing yet. I also emailed the department of licensing to ask how much longer I can expect to wait and if my paperwork's been received. Here's to playing the waiting game a bit longer.
  7. by   lynnr_98
    I applied for mine on 2/5/11 and just saw online that my HI RN license has been issued as of 2/28/11. Now I'm just waiting for the actual license to arrive in the mail.
  8. by   echavezkate
    how many times can we retake the board exam in hawaii if we failed once?
  9. by   PrinceofSiamRN
    hi gazey.. how long did you wait for your HI RN license ?from sending the paperwork with check to actually receiving it by mail.... your reply will be greatly appreciated...mahalo
  10. by   daboi26
    I also sent my endorsement application last feb 25 to the BON here in hawaii. im just so clueless right now if they already started with the process of my license. and im a bit worried if i missed out any papers that i need to include for the requirements. the papers that i sent was the license without exam form,check,and photocopy of RN license in cali. can anyone tell me if i missed out anything. PS: i did not apply for a temporary permit.
  11. by   eva87
    hello! I'm a graduate from Nursing school here in the Philippines and i just want to ask if it is really necessary to have the SSN so that my elligibility for NCLEX EXAM- HAWAII will be approved? Please help!
  12. by   PrinceofSiamRN
    eva87 you don't need to give them SSN...they will give you eligibility without it..i also received the letter that requires me to send SSN but if i can remember i ignored it (no explanations at all) and just sent them the other requirements i had.. after it, my eligibility arrived after 2-3 weeks... then received my ATT and exam with pearsonvue asap...but if you are not petition by any of your relatives.. it really makes sense that you must insure that your petition process is on a good flow.. coz ask of me, i am fixing my nclex stuff while processing my visa stuff so it really coincide the process..and i am confident enough that SSN will be given by the state as soon as i arrived here. Coz once you finished your nclex stuff ,the validity is 2 yrs. If you didn't give your SSN within 2 yrs.(received only when you arrived here in Hawaii) the board will get you out of the list and you will go back to ZERO and start and repeat the exam all over again, that's the common mistakes of our kababayan..... Godbless eva... ruskenzRN here aloha from state of Hawaii
  13. by   chubbycheng
    @ruskenzRN: Hi! Just want to ask if the only requirements that you gave the HAWAII BON are the following:
    a.) Application form
    b.) $40 application fee
    c) CGFNS id number.

    Is there anything else in addition to this?
  14. by   PrinceofSiamRN
    chubbycheng- correct....application form,$40,and cgfns id number...after finishing ur cgfns,the id number will be used by cgfns to access ur account. then if everything went smooth you will receive ur eligibility then register to pearson and they will send your ATT ,ofcourse you are now reviewing as of this moment then you are now ready to schedule and take your exam. i just gave you a birds eye view of what ur going to do next hope these help. Goodluck and Godbless