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I am a new grad in CA, licensed in california in August. I have two questions actually, how long would it take to get licensed in HI (someone told me it takes like a year to get a HI license!) and also, is there any hope of a new... Read More

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    eva87 you don't need to give them SSN...they will give you eligibility without it..i also received the letter that requires me to send SSN but if i can remember i ignored it (no explanations at all) and just sent them the other requirements i had.. after it, my eligibility arrived after 2-3 weeks... then received my ATT and exam with pearsonvue asap...but if you are not petition by any of your relatives.. it really makes sense that you must insure that your petition process is on a good flow.. coz ask of me, i am fixing my nclex stuff while processing my visa stuff so it really coincide the process..and i am confident enough that SSN will be given by the state as soon as i arrived here. Coz once you finished your nclex stuff ,the validity is 2 yrs. If you didn't give your SSN within 2 yrs.(received only when you arrived here in Hawaii) the board will get you out of the list and you will go back to ZERO and start and repeat the exam all over again, that's the common mistakes of our kababayan..... Godbless eva... ruskenzRN here aloha from state of Hawaii

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    @ruskenzRN: Hi! Just want to ask if the only requirements that you gave the HAWAII BON are the following:
    a.) Application form
    b.) $40 application fee
    c) CGFNS id number.

    Is there anything else in addition to this?
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    chubbycheng- correct....application form,$40,and cgfns id number...after finishing ur cgfns,the id number will be used by cgfns to access ur account. then if everything went smooth you will receive ur eligibility then register to pearson and they will send your ATT ,ofcourse you are now reviewing as of this moment then you are now ready to schedule and take your exam. i just gave you a birds eye view of what ur going to do next hope these help. Goodluck and Godbless
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    @ruskenzRN: Thanks for explaining it to me.This will surely help me a lot. One more question? how long did you wait for the CGFNS to be finished evaluating your transcript when you applied to them? Thanks for replying.
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    It took me a year to have my credentials approved, which I hated for the long gaps I have from my graduation to the date I took my exam. Most of the interview I go to asked me this question of why it took me so long to take the exam and what I did during those times. After the credentials I waited probably another 2 months to have my application approved for the ATT after that the processing time was quick, specially the scheduling of the exam. I got my license after a month, i took the exam Oct 2011 received my confirmation mail after 2 weeks then sent it back with the amount to be paid then received my licence a day before Christmas Eve.
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    actually its case to case basis..these factors will affect your waiting time:

    1. the passing of your Transcript ,summary of RLE etc by your school etc.
    2.the passing of your high school (xerox) diploma 2x2 picture etc
    3. the passing of your license record in your licensing body (PRC in our case)
    4. the courier that you will choose in sending those requirements. (I always choose the 1600pesos up courier since it will just take 3-4 days)
    5. your speed in passing and processing things

    ***there is a correspondence by cgfns which will notify you the pending requirements and also the papers that had been received ,i hope you know these things.

    As for me,my whole nclex process was a bit slow for some circumstances. I started processing last nov. 2010. i sent my papers plus the fee in my BON. it took me a while to start my cgfns for some financial reasons yet i started collecting my requirements last january 2011. Then i started the cgfns booklet in feb.2011. my diploma in high school was the culprit why it took me some months to finish it coz i lost my diploma so i need to get a copy which took me 2 months. i think i finished my cgfns aug.2011. so counting it. from nov 2010 to aug 2011. it took me "9 months" so i will minus my messed up diploma ,you will probably finish it for half a year or 6 months if all of your requirements will be sent,processed and received appropriately. there's really lots of factor to be consider. So it is safe to say that it will probably take 6-8 months =). but as i said it depends to many factors.

    But if you already passed all cgfns requirements,i received my eligibilty after "3-4" weeks
    .the eligibility signifies that cgfns had finished evaluating your credentials and that these were forwarded to your BON and you were approved to sit for the exam.

    hope these help chubbycheng. best of luck =)
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    Wow! so I think I'll need to ready myself for the long wait. Thank you for your responses. The information you have given me make it all loud and clear as to what will I expect in processing my papers.:spin:
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    no problem chubbycheng best of luck =) Godbless
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    Hey is there anyway I can get your email to ask you questions im a nursing grad from FL moving to HA i need help asap thank you
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    hi, just wanna know if the one above are still the requirements of the Hawaii BON as of now? CGFNS-CES, Initial application with the fee? Or do they require TOEFL scores? thanks in advance.

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