hospitals in hawaii hiring or have hiring freezes

  1. Hi:

    I am a RN w/ little over one year experience interested in moving to Hawaii.

    Currently I work in a cardiac step-down at a large teaching hospital in NYC.

    Some of the hospitals here have hiring freezes due to economic conditions.

    As a consequent, these hospitals are only hiring internally.

    I was wondering if the same is occurring in Hawaii.

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  3. by   Slobgob
    Short answer: Yes. Here too. More so.

    Technical answer: Experience in a semi-specialty might help you land a job. But its probably rougher here than in NY.

    My aching heart answer: Most of our new grads are being voted off the island.
  4. by   almostfree
    I am way out of touch (in more ways than one), but a friend was hired at Tripler Army Medical Center a few years ago. Not until she had one year of experience as an RN, however. Hopefully you hit the mark they are looking for.

    I would go to the Federal jobs website USAJOBS and set up a search agent for RNs, and/or "Registered Nurse". Let us know if it works!
    Here's the link again:
    I had a great job there a few years back. I was hired by a local temp agency. One of the best jobs I ever had. Let me know if you need a local contact for them.