Hawaii RN success stories

  1. I must say that reading through some of the posts here paint a grim picture for potential RN transplants. If there is anyone who picked up from the mainland without regrets, I would love to hear from you.
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  3. by   sk8inghunny
    I am interested in this information as well. I lived there as a baby, but when my parents divorced I came back to the mainland with my mom. I have always wanted to go back.
  4. by   Ukie_nurse
    Not a whole lo of success stories, huh?
    I am a military spouse and an RN with 2 years of med/surg, 0 success so far. Recruiters have been calling 2-3 times a day about opportunities elsewhere , from Alaska to Florida. Hawaii is dry right now.
  5. by   Garrulous
    In case my personal experience helps anyone... I graduated nursing school last December and moved to the Big Island later that same month. Keep in mind this was after more than 18 months of personal preparation. I took my board exams in Honolulu about a month later and began applying for work immediately after. We're closing in on 10 months now since the move and I've just now obtained stable work (although I graduated "Summa Cum Laude", was ACLS certified, with two years as a nurse tech in a high acuity SICU, and excellent references...both mainland and island).
    It may be worth noting that new grads are the hardest hit. There are a lot of us here (my island has two institutions pumping out volumes of RNs). It appears that the majority of prospective employers dropped me immediately when they heard I had less than "one year experience".
    In our case my wife and I did just fine because we came prepared (financially and otherwise). However, I will tell you that I gave it my very best effort to find employment. After 5 months I got my first work of any kind, a temp. position through an agency as an LPN clinic nurse (note: I am an RN). Then I got an on-call RN position with a nursing home. It was a very hard & unpleasant environment. I was tempted to quit every day (I wasn't desperate for money) however I just pressed on realizing I was just getting experience and moving on. It's kind of like stepping stones. The path to where I am now has been a humble one, but it worked out for me. I've just now started a new job in the ICU of a large state run hospital.

    I've met a number of local graduates with similar stories. It's not terribly uncommon to work a year after graduation as a CNA to get your foot in the door. Anyhow, I wish each of you all the best as you pursue your dreams, wherever they take you. You can accomplish anything. It's just a matter of whether you want it bad enough and are willing to work for it.
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