Have you been hired as a new grad? Any help will be greatly appreciated

  1. ALOHA to all the lucky newly hired grads in Hawaii,
    I envy your hard work. I'm graduating soon and the market in Hawaii is EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE you guys should know. It seems like now-a-days you have to know somebody or work as a CNA/CLERK just to get your foot in the door. I've been taking the advice of a lot of people and I have already established myself in HPH, Straub as a per diem clinical assistant. However, when I got there, there were already 10 new grad nurse cna's on the floor. My question is how do I set myself apart? How can I stand out when I'm floating to all the floors? I try to work as hard as I can, and pick up shifts as much as they call me. I'm very concerned because I've heard stories of new grads being stuck as cna's for 1-2 years now. I have other options any advice would help a lot.

    -Go to the mainland and apply for new grads there.
    -Stick it out and work as a CNA until the new grad program opens up again and keep applying.
    -Work for a skilled long term facility as a nurse
    -Try to get into a prison type of nursing
    -Establish a adult foster home and get my masters in nursing
    -Get as many credentials as a can? ACLS? PALS?
    -Apply to queens and other hospitals as a CNA
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  3. by   GitanoRN
    first of all, i would like to thank esme12, for bringing this post to my attention, there's no doubt that you have received insightful advices relating to new grads as far as i can appreciate on your post. just recently, in the facility where i work a set of nurses were hired among them 3 new outstanding grads. on the other hand, on your post you ask how to set yourself apart from the rest, i will begin by stating the following; make sure that you get to know the nm of your desire units along with the charge nurses. unquestionably, don't forget during your clinical to give a hand writing note to your preceptors. furthermore, look for employment at a ltc facility, doctor’s office, op clinic or any health care system. having said that, by connecting yourself with an organization, you can prove your work ethic, customer service orientation and fit with the organization to be considered for a new graduate position in the future. needless to say, volunteer in a health care facility for the experience, be willing to relocate if needed. in addition, look for opportunities wherever you want to go, but also look for opportunities in smaller cities rather than larger cities if you have the flexibility on going to the mainland don't discard the idea. also be flexible with specialties you will consider and be flexible with shifts you are willing to work. besides that, consider part-time or supplemental employment until full-time employment becomes available. unquestionably, start early in your final semester looking for a job, do not wait until graduation or passing nclex. obviously, secure certifications such as acls, pals, nrp, etc. and plan senior practicum in desired area of employment, remember you are always interviewing for your next job. certainly, recruiters choose those students who shine the brightest during student clinical, before graduating consider working prn or part-time basis as you can, while going to nursing school for increased marketability after graduating. moreover, complete online applications, then find out the name of the person the application is sent to, and make contact with that person, also don't forget once you obtain the interview send two thank you notes, one to the recruiter and the other to their receptionist. pursuing this further, during your clinical make sure you stay up to date with the nursing bulletin boards place on each department. prepare a portfolio during nursing school to highlight achievements, awards, or outstanding recommendations from instructors. at this level, when completing applications make sure your statements are accurately, use spell check before submitting an online application. assure that you are using a professional sounding email address and voice-mail message. however, do not bypass hr and contact a hiring manager directly that would be considered unprofessional. of course, be prepared to answer questions like “what have you been doing since graduation?” granted, the following may seem like common sense but when going to the interview dressed modestly and professionally, this doesn’t mean your best bar hoping attire. in conclusion, have a career plan and display a willingness to learn and grow, along with common sense and an ability to be dependable. most of all remember, persistence pays off. wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors...aloha pumehana~

  4. by   gtrebyari
    Thank you so much for your prompt response. Your advice will surely help me. I have been discouraged with Hawaii being so saturated with new grads. I'm afraid if I apply as a cna to all these hospitals...and I get into a new grad program in the mainland...I will burn bridges with these hospitals and won't be able to work for them when I return .
  5. by   vglass82
    Hey there, I know this post was from a few years ago, but whatever happened? Did you find a job? I am graduating in June and we are PCSing out there in August. I am definitely starting to panic about not being able to work the whole time I am out there