Finding Employment..Have you worked as a CNA/LPN?

  1. Has anyone noticed the job market picking back up in Oahu?

    If you have found a job with less than a year experience, where did you find it?

    Also--does this working for an LPN/CNA/Secretary as an RN actually HELP you get a job?
    If you have accepted one of these positions, please share your story. Im interested if it actually helped you get an RN job within that hospital.
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  3. by   hinursing
    I would love to know this as well. I'm a first semester nursing student (6 semesters total), so I want to get as much experience as I can to give me an edge once I graduate.

    I'm thinking of getting my CNA certification over the summer, but I'm also trying to hear from other people whether it's "worth it" to do so. The class I want to take is almost $900.
  4. by   tmartin83
    I agree. I've been on the island since Nov 2011, and I even got so discouraged that I went back home looking for work for a few weeks :-/. I decided to come back because I felt that there were more important things than picking up your life and going just for a job. Everyone has told me that getting in the hospital "gets your foot in the door" here, but I have yet to hear of anyone's story where this was the case.

    I will say this, however. I just accepted a non-RN position at a hospital here, so we will see how that goes. I've also heard that accepting a job as a CNA/LPN while you are licensed as an RN is a huge liability issue here. Can someone elaborate on that? I'm pretty sure I understand, but want to make sure.
  5. by   hinursing
    So weird, I've heard so many varieties of success/failure stories for fresh grads. I've heard friends of friends who have jobs waiting for them after they graduate here in Oahu with zero experience (knowing the right people I guess). Then I hear of others who can't find jobs after a year. It just depends on who you know sometimes.
  6. by   tmartin83
    Oh, it's definitely who you know on the island, no question about it. It just gets very frustrating when your resume is top-notch and employers don't even bother to look at it because they "know someone else," ya know?
  7. by   gtrebyari
    Don't get your CNA. 1 year of nursing school qualifies you to become a CNA at HPH or Queens. You would be wasting money since tuition is 5000$. Learn as much as you can from fundamentals first and then go from there. I'm about to graduate and when I got in they told us the job market would hasn't. Hopefully by the time you get out it will! Good luck!
  8. by   dreamct
    I am an RN at HPH I do know of new RN's that worked as CNA's (one for 1 year one for 6 months) who did get jobs as new grads. As far as I know that is the only way to get a new grad RN job...(always exceptions I guess)
  9. by   KimW808
    I have been in Oahu for 3mos and still unemployed. I have sent out my resume to almost all of the Hospitals and applied online job posting in the net CNA/ RN/ LPN. So far only 2 called, its either asking me if I have a 1yr current experience for the past 3 yrs or would be asking if I want to relocate. Telling the person on the phone you have 0 experience and doesn't want to relocate would definitely end the conversation for they would tell you "I wish you good luck." and hang up the phone. I'm not sure of the online application does work as I never get any return call nor emails regarding the job I applied which is very frustrating.
  10. by   jewelsx3
    Good luck to all new grads or new residents trying to work in Hawaii. With a major hospital shut down last year leaving over 900 unemployed, I know RN's and other professionals (like nuclear med) trying to find work and/or accepting administrator jobs. It's sad that the healthcare economy has taken a toll.
    However, my worked very hard to get you RN degree and you deserve to get the experience right of the bat... 1 year of CNA won't guarantee a future RN position... Move to the mainland, get 6 months to 1 year experience, then move back. Living is much cheaper, you'll definitely get the experience and training you need, and you can start paying off that student loans.
  11. by   KimW808
    I got this offer of a CNA job that pays $10/hr, though I really need money and would sure want to start working $10 is quite low for the stuff you would be doing as a CNA. Not mention the job is a home service type which requires you to either travel by bus or use your car, not sure if the expenses for gas and bus fare can be reimburse. I did not took the offer as I am new to Oahu and going house to house might not be the best idea as I might get lost.

    Has anyone of you seen any online job posting from Hawaii Pacific Health and Kaiser for entry level RN? Well, I have sent my resume and answered it online but never got a call nor email. I gave up after several attempt to reapply to every job posting they have but never got a response. I wonder if they are really in need of nurses.