Clinical Assistant in acute care VS LTC RN

  1. Hello Everyone:

    I will be moving to Oahu from California in November. I graduated with my ADN in May, and I'm starting my RN-BSN program online in October. I have no direct patient care experience, but I have 9 years experience as a pharmacy tech in both inpatient and outpatient settings. I have read about how tough it is to find RN positions as a new grad in Hawaii, especially if you're from the mainland. I would really like to gain some direct patient care experience, I really don't care how and I am not too concerned with salary. Should I apply to acute care facilities as a clinical assistant to get my foot in the door or should I pursue RN positions in LTC/Home Health settings? I'm ACLS, BLS, EKG, and IV therapy certified. Any help in figuring out a plan would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo
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  3. by   mcubed45
    what are your RN career goals?

    If you want to work in LTC go that route. If you want to work in acute care, get an acute care job (tech/aide/etc).

    LTC RN experience does not count towards acute care. Working in LTC will not make you any more marketable than an inexperienced new grad when applying for acute care jobs. In fact, you'll be less marketable after being out of school for several years. Some people think they can work in LTC, get a couple years "experience" and then move to acute care. However acute and LTC are two completely different jobs and skill sets.