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Bucket List, Oahu

  1. 0 i am asking for light-hearted conversation & warm-fuzzy postings. a "bucket list" is a list of things you would like to do before you leave this earth... before you kick the bucket. things you keep putting off because you never have enough time and/or money to do them?

    i started a thread, "bucket list, maui" a few minutes ago. to try to keep things organized, i'm starting this oahu thread. if you live on another island, and want to post, feel free to start another thread for your island. mahalo for keeping things organized!

    if you live on oahu, please share! what are a few things on your bucket list? things you could only do on the island of oahu? -- lisa ;-)
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    mmm skydive, travel, and surf morning sets on a daily basis
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    Climb Diamond Head, Watch the sun set/rise on the North shore, visit Iolani Palace, Bar hop in Waikiki on a Saturday night
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    THANK YOU NBECK! Anyone else want to share? Things you can only do on the island of Oahu? -- Lisa ;-)
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    go surfing on sunset, go shark cage diving, have a baby on oahu which then would have honolulu as place of birth on the birth certificate, skydiving, hula dancing and so on and so on
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    How about just simply return TO Oahu, thats A-1 on my bucket list. Was born there in 1970, we moved in 71 and I havent been able to get back "home" sice
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    Ahhh.... yes. "live on Oahu" is one thing you can only do on Oahu. Anyone else... bucket list?
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    Have a daily comute through lush green waterfall valleys-(want to live windward!) Float my prego belly around the sandbar(no prego belly yet!) Nurse 3 days/wk-paint 3 days/wk in my N.Shore art studio.Have my art up somewhere for First Friday.Have a large following at my N.Shore facial (medical grade facial peels!) clinic/school I will run.
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    get an RN job on Oahu?

    That would be nice.....
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    Quote from Shinchan

    get an RN job on Oahu?

    That would be nice.....
    Retire from my RN job on Oahu?

    THAT would be nice.....

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