Anyone doing Excelsior RN program?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am looking for someone to take on the excelsior rn program journey with me. Is there anyone out there who has gone this route? I am just a military spouse who is tired of moving before I can get accepted into a nursing program.
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  3. by   buttaflidragon
    I'm doing it, I have two more tests to take after this month and of course the CPNE, one of the reasons I'm taking a travel assignment to HI....studying on a lovely island and getting paid...nice.....
  4. by   JOLIEDAME
    Thanks for replying...I thought there weren't any people on HI doing EC. I'm wondering what has been your experience while doing Excelsior? your hardest exams? easiest exams? are you an lpn already? are you located on the island of Oahu? Im not new to allnurses, but new to ACTUALLY STARTING the EC program forreal this time. I will accompany my husband to the island bec he's military and this is the best option for me to complete a nursing program w/o continually starting over.
  5. by   buttaflidragon
    No problem!! I know what you mean, it took me a little bit to start on the EC program, I'm working on several degrees and have lots of opportunities with my current licensure, and then you does its thing! :spin:

    I am an LPN at present, as a matter of fact, my ex-husband was military-- so I got the LPN just so I could do the EC program, lol...and to see if I really wanted to pursue nursing. So far, none of the exams are particularly hard. I've taken 2 of them so far, I'm supposed to take NC4 next week and then i'll have: NC5, NC6 and foundations and the CPNE. I ope to finish them all within the next two months and then wait wait wait for the CPNE.

    It helps that I've been a fairly advanced practice LPN for a few years too, but when I study I always learn something new (which is why I love nursing) I've used college network guides, practices tests and my textbooks from my brick and mortar BSN program. Your best resource would be the practice tests and excelsior forums where students share study materials gratis. I have a few EC peers who shelled out an arm and a leg for college network guides. They are useful though, but rather than get them from the source, I'd try EBAY.

    I will be located on a Oahu here in the next week or so as I've taken a travel assignment there. I've been lurking on Allnurses for awhile, but just recently started posting, I'm very bad at it, I didn't know how to reply to your "thanks" message from my profile....are you a nurse? I think its a great move to do EC, especially for military...nursing programs and transfer credits are pretty hit and miss!
  6. by   buttaflidragon
    Hi! I can't reply to PM messages for some reason. I suppose I should subscribe! I'm planning on taking a CPNE skills workshop too, who knows what bad habits I've picked up in the name of efficiency. I'm putting myself on the cancellation list as I hear it can be up to 7 months for a test date.

    I've also been reading on the posts about there being a shortage of nursing jobs in Hawaii and elsewhere...unfortunately there is a shortage of experienced and good nurses, whether LPN or RN, so maybe that's what they mean. I'm a good nurse. I work to be a great nurse, I'm sure I don't sound very modest or humble, but nearly every nursing job I've applied for I've been blessed to get. Something I've noticed since crossing over from the world of business and marketing is that the healthcare profession seems to have an overabundance of unprofessionals. Like people seem to think I've got my RN, gimme my job. Lol, its still a market and there is still competition, I've interveiwed very experienced (on paper) nurse up to 25 years my senior and been suprised at how they came to interview, in their manner of dress and etc... I'm a little nervous about how that will change once I've finished my ADN. I'm not looking forward to being treated or paid as a new grad LPN, but I have a relationship with quite a few employment agencies and hopefully that will help out're welcome to email me at for quicker reply....sorry for making such long posts, lol...
  7. by   JOLIEDAME
    I must say that I don't think your confidence in your craft is a bad thing...if you don't believe in your abilities who will? I, too, am working on more than one degree program at this time and I have just made the solid decision to finally complete Excelsiors RN program. I am not working and must budget the program out, but I plan to be done in a year to a year and a half. When I got on this forum I was looking for someone who was a get-it-done type of person and not afraid to embark on the challenge that is distance learning were the only one to reply. Also, I like the way you put the whole nursing job situation into perspective. I possess a desire to be the best nurse there is and I won't accept anything less than that for myself, so please let's keep in touch and motivate one another.
  8. by   bessiepig1
    i am just starting out with excelsior as well. im sure by this point, you have completed an exam or more. i just enrolled and am studying for the health safety exam. I have been an LPN for two years and have worked in many different areas of nursing already so i am also blessed with the opportunities that have come my way. i am nervous to start this process though. i am studying and feel like i dont know where to focus my energy. i have a fundamentals book and will purchase the practice exams and also see a lot of people talking about the study guides from I will take any advice anyone is willing to give and will return the favor once i have my foot in the door and an exam or two under my belt. :wink2:
  9. by   kauainurse
    your not "just" a military spouse! Good for you, thinking about going back to school, but I would look further and do more research before picking. what is your educational background and work background? What is your short term goal and your long term goals?
    -- A friend in Hawaii V
  10. by   hecstar
    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for someone to take on the excelsior rn program journey with me. Is there anyone out there who has gone this route? I'm a Registered Respiratory Therapist. I'm starting in 2 weeks.