Any jobs for experienced RN on Maui?

  1. Turned in an application to Maui memorial a couple weeks ago. Anybody have any experience, tips, or news about the hiring process there? ARE they hiring? HR said all posted positions are currently being recruited for, but it seems ppl are still talking like there is a hiring freeze. And some of the postings have been there for months! Are they super picky? I have spent many summers in hawaii as a kid, heve relatives living on the other islands, and I get all the uber-expense, etc. Just really trying to get a job. Would consider medical office, too. Have 3+ yrs RN experience- 2 as postpartum and nursery, and one year Med/oncology. I also still work on call for the med floor. Also have 50+ yrs of life-experience! Thanks.
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  3. by   nurseyasmin88
    Were you ever able to find a job? I know this post is old but I'm looking to relocate to Maui myself and was interested in applying at Maui Memorial. Mahalo!