Wife wants to be an AF nurse

  1. My wife has been an RN for 4 years, and has her BSN already. Low and behold she has always wanted to be an AF nurse. My reaction was for her to go for it. I was in the Marines, and I spent a year working as a civilian contractor on the gates at an AFB. This is something that her family talked her out of doing when she was younger, and now they can't, and I support her 100%. She has to lose 10 more lbs, but they are starting the paperwork, and are shooting for the boards in Feb. She has already lost 20lbs so I know she is serious, we have figured out her dream sheet. We have a daughter, and the weight is from that. They said she would most likely go med/surg, and she wants to be a flight nurse, and they said its possible that she could do that right off the bat, but not to get her hopes up. She is just happy to be pursuing her goal with support.
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  3. by   nurse2033
    Seems like she is headed for active duty but I would recommend the Guard. With active duty she will move duty stations every three years and have less control over her job duties. I'm Guard so I'm not an expert on active duty though. I do know that if you get hired as a flight nurse, you can stay in that job throughout your career (as Guard). In active duty you will rank out or get moved into a new job. I don't believe flight nurses stay in that job for more than one or two rotations (I could be wrong). In the Guard you get all the training and benefits, you don't have to move, and you can have a civilian career. Good luck. Thanks for serving Marine.