Wife injured during BOLC.

  1. Been a little while since writing, been super busy with no wife here to help. Well she was doing awesome at pre-BOLC, she was having a blast. However getting out of the shower the other day(day before actual BOLC) she slipped. She fell and broke her coccyx(tail bone) and displaced it.

    She described the pain as tremendous , and the worst pain she has ever had(3kids). I convinced her to go to the hospital, where Xrays revealed the break and displacement. Well as you would think this makes the PT test impossible. As we speak her options pretty much include, attend this BOLC and wait till the next class to attempt the PT test which is after her recovery period.

    She could attempt to waive her recovery and take the PT test at the end of this class but if she has a nogo, they could push for a chapter. So that is off the board as an option LOL. So far her option is to push through this class while hitting the gym as much as possible, then crank out an awesome PT score with the next class. And then continue on with her career.

    We are hoping for smooth healing, and a great recovery. So we can put all this behind us. I feel so terrible for her because she was doing so well and adjusting to the Army way better than I thought she would. So everyone knows, if you are injured at BOLC, and you aren't a dirtbag, and did not injure yourself while being a moron, they will work with you and get you set up for success. Have a good one people, and good luck to all of you there now and going soon. Thank you all for your service.
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  3. by   AjaxAndronicus
    Nurse spouse,

    I'm sorry to hear about your wife's injury, definitely take the recovery time, I'm sure she will get back up to speed soon. Good luck!
  4. by   nursespouse
    Thanks bro. And good luck to you on Tuesday. I know you will make it. We will hopefully know more tomorrow about what the plans are for her.
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    Awwww. I am glad she is enjoying it, though! She'll get to spend a little extra time with the cadre, that's all. I hope she heals quickly! We had one person break her foot and get recycled, she did fine.
  6. by   AjaxAndronicus
    Quote from nursespouse
    Thanks bro. And good luck to you on Tuesday. I know you will make it. We will hopefully know more tomorrow about what the plans are for her.
    Thanks brother, my finger nails are just about gnawed off! Met with my recruiter two weeks ago and informed that all the other on OML flipped to reserves in dec and I might have a hard time getting a RC commission, they floated the possibility of going AD FY2014. AD or RC I'm ready to serve.
  7. by   nursespouse
    Well she knows the plan now. They are pulling her from this class and starting the july 15 class. But since she will not be in this class she has to move off post, while working for the training company until the next class starts. That will mean we now have to pay for two households. This really really sucks. Oh well, suck it up and drive on right? Lol. She is still excited to serve, and these curve balls just add to the experience.
  8. by   midinphx
    I totally identify with this! I broke my coccyx while on the obstacle course while at COT (AF version of officer basic). Mine was not displaced. I couldn't do the PT test, but as long as I passed when my profile was up I was fine. I have to admit that the little fracture took longer than I thought to heal. But it will, and it'll be a funny story one day.

    That's awesome that she has you backing her up!!
  9. by   nursespouse
    Yeah she is worried about how long it will take. How long was your profile? How long did it take to heal? Her big problem was the mandatory recovery period after a profile. It would not have been over by the end of that class. They said if she waived it and something happened during the pt test, they would be liable. Situation just sucks, all the way around.
  10. by   midinphx
    I don't remember how long I was on profile. I can say that it still hurt longer than the profile, but not so much that I couldn't do sit-ups (it's amazing how much those hurt with a coccyx injury!).
    It may suck right now,,,,,,, but it's just for now.