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Wanting to go to Germany

  1. 0 I've just begun to research the possibility of either joining the army or air force nurse corps. I have 9 years of nursing experience with an ADN and will complete my BSN in December. I want to retire in the military and my goal is to make it to Germany. My uncle is retired Air Force and I fell in love with the area when my family visisted him when I was younger. What are the chances I could ever get there as a nurse? Most of my experience is in a float pool and then management. I would quit my job today and pick a speciality if I knew it could get me to Germany. Can anyone in the service give me some information or advice??
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    Your chances are good, it all depends on the need at the time you are up for orders.
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    It's really hard to say how likely you will be to get Germany. Where you are stationed at the time all depends on what the Air Force/Army needs at the time. There are definitely locations in Germany that both the Air Force and Army place nurses though. I have been fortunate enough to get stationed in England, where I am now.
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    Thanks for the feedback.